Flea JUNKtion IS the place for Junkers, Antiquers, Rustic, Barnwood and Chippy Paint Lovers! Located along I-90 and JUNKtion 169, Flea JUNKtion takes place during the Faribault County Fair in Blue Earth, MN!  JUNKin FUN in 2021.


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The FARMERette-


The Farmerette

Flea JUNKtion was created by The Farmerette specifically FOR the Faribault County Fair.  She does not sit on the Fair Board but volunteers her time to bring this show for you to enjoy. Her goal is to fill the parking lots, support the kids and fill the grandstands and make fairs great again. Being raised on a farm in rural MN- She enjoys JUNKin’, rummaging through old barns and attributes her love of creating to her parents who always let her create in the shed, paint the old chicken coops and taught her to “make good things even better”.  Follow on Twitter and Facebook.



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