Hello. Great to have you visit my webpage. My name is Carolyn or AKA The FARMERette. I am just a working farmgirl who loves connecting people with events and making good things better. I created Flea JUNKtion specifically FOR the Faribault County Fair.  So this market is only held ONCE per year, and my hope is to keep it growing and filled with creative vendors.

My background in event planning……well, I don’t sit on the Fair Board, but attend their meetings and I volunteer my time to bring this show FOR YOU to enjoy.  All the proceeds go to the County Fair Board, so this is helping the local fair and not just another market.

My goal is to fill the fair ground parking lots, support the FFA and 4H kids (look for our new 2022 SPOT THE JUNK map with prizes to get you “around the grounds”) and I hope you stay and enjoy the wonderful 7 PM grandstands events and Veterans building/Entertainment, eat some wonderful FAIR FOOD and help to “make rural county fairs great again”– but I am partial to this one:)

JUNKin’ and Fleas are in my nature {thus the name along with being at the JUNKtion of Interstate 90 and Hwy 169} rummaging through old barns, and repurposing items, and attributes my love of creating to my farming parents who always let me paint in the shed, fix up the old chicken coops and taught me to help others, help our community and “make good things even better”.  Follow me —The Farmer-ette on Twitter and Facebook.

New for 2022! More than a “FLEA” look for BOUTIQUE BLVD which was a hit in 2021– more boutiques coming to this alley.

Carolyn Zierke AKA The FARMERette


Flea JUNKtion is more than a flea–

our vendors include homemade cottage foods, vintage, repurposed farmhouse style, boho style, woodworkers, furniture for your home, handmade jewelry, unique candles, luxurious body items, and even live music and fair food!


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